Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Fresh Carpets utilizes both hot water extraction (steam cleaning) via a truck-mounted machine and dry cleaning (encapsulation) methods for carpet cleaning. We recommend hot water extraction (steam cleaning) in a residential setting. Hot water extraction is a safe, non-toxic cleaning method that leaves no residue behind. With our equipment the carpets are left damp and dry in hours, not days. Once dry, carpets feel soft, not crunchy or sticky. Most carpet manufacturers' warranties state that you must choose a company that is IICRC certified (we are) and that uses hot water extraction (we do) every 12-16 months in order not to void your carpet warranty.

We utilize encapsulation cleaning (dry cleaning) as a maintenance service for commercial uses. For instance, in a medical facility we may use the hot water extraction process once a year and then do encapsulation cleaning as a maintenance clean every 2 months. Encapsulation cleaning relies on chemicals and agitation to gather the dirt by forming crystals around it and is then vacuumed away once dry. It is not a deep restorative type of clean, but it does have many benefits for commercial glue-down carpet. We have developed a way to use both processes in conjunction with each other to get the best clean possible for commercial glue down carpeting.

Fresh Carpets offers 3M Scotchgard™ Protector, which keeps your carpet looking cleaner for longer and provides protection from soils and spills. We also offer deodorizer applications for all types of odors, including pet odors.

Why Choose Fresh Carpets

Carpet Cleaning

  • A Three-Layer Problem
    Pet urine can easily be removed from the carpet; however, the problem with urine, coffee, and other liquids is that it may have seeped into the carpet padding and even the subfloor. So the problem could be in three layers. We have solutions for this. We have tools to flush the pad to remove the liquid, or we can replace the affected pad. We can even clean and seal the subfloor. If the liquid is left in the pad or subfloor, it may resurface at some point in the near future even though it looks like it's gone after cleaning. This is because the liquid in the padding has worked its way back to the top of the carpet. This is called "wicking", and the additional steps we take to problems like these make a huge difference in the end results.
  • We will move almost all furniture that you would like us to move.
  • We schedule appointments to the hour.
    We want to make this as convenient for you as possible.
  • We are experts in stain removal.
    We carry all the necessary products to remove anything we come across, including grease, tar, Kool-Aid, coffee, paint, urine, tomato sauce, rust, red wine, you name it! There are rare occasions when a stain is permanent regardless of the effort we use to try to remove it, and it would be irresponsible for any carpet cleaner to put a guarantee on a particular stain.
  • We use non-toxic cleaning solutions which are safe for your babies and pets.
  • We do not leave soil-attracting cleaning detergents in the carpet.
    These detergents cause rapid re-soiling and leave the carpet crunchy or sticky, not soft.
  • Our Equipment is Top-Of-The-Line!
    Our carpet cleaning equipment is capable of producing very hot water and extreme vacuuming capabilities. This allows for maximum soil removal and quickly dries the carpet. Portable or low quality machines may soak a rug which can lead to long dry times, floor damage, and mold. A carpet should take hours to dry, not days.
  • We are IICRC Certified.
    The IICRC is the governing body for carpet cleaners. We have taken classes and passed the approval tests, a requirement of most carpet manufacturers' warranty programs.

Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning is a tricky situation for the homeowner. You should never allow just any carpet cleaner to touch your expensive wool or silk rugs. We at Fresh Carpets, however, know the proper way to clean these rugs. While we can safely clean certain area rugs in the home, it is best to have certain types of rugs, such as woven wool and silk rugs, washed in our shop. We provide pickup and delivery of these rugs. This is an extremely thorough cleaning meant for woven rugs, not necessarily for less expensive rugs with latex backing.

It is important to know that urine on wool is very difficult to deal with. Visual stains of urine on wool are usually permanent; however, if it is a woven rug the odor can be eliminated. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some rugs in the process of being washed.

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