Carpet Repair & Stretching

Some of the issues we can fix are loose carpet, ripped carpet, holes, cigarette burns, iron burs, seams, and permanent stains.

Carpet Stretching

Fresh Carpets specializes in carpet stretching. If you have a wrinkle, ripple, or loose carpet, we can fix it. Most of the time the carpet becomes loose and bubbles or wrinkles because of improper installation. A power stretcher should be used during installation to properly stretch the new carpet. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and cost, most installers use only a knee kicker instead of a power stretcher during installation. A knee kicker is not a stretching device and should only be used for attaching carpet to the tact strip. We can offer a permanent fix by re-stretching your carpet with a power stretcher. We can do both cleaning and stretching at the same time (stretching should be done first, and then cleaning), as there is usually a dirty line where the wrinkle is, and once flat from stretching, that line will still be there.

Our solutions are 100% guaranteed, and if the problem does come back, so will we!

Carpet Stretching, Carpet Repair

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