Tile & Grout Cleaning/Sealing

Fresh Carpets can restore tile and grout to their original beauty! We use a restoration process that is second to none. We manually scrub your grout lines prior to cleaning. Then hot water under pressure (800psi) is applied to rinse the cleaning agents, dirt, and water out of your home and into our truck. Your tile and grout are left looking like new!

We can then seal your grout lines with a clear impregnator sealer such as DuPont StoneTech® grout sealer. This sealer does not just sit on top of the grout; it gets absorbed into the grout itself, filling the porosity of the grout and helping to keep it clean.

Why Is It So Difficult to Keep Tile and Grout Clean?
Grout is very porous. During general cleaning, if dirty water is pushed across and allowed to sit in the grout lines it will get absorbed. Over time this will produce very dirty grout lines. We recommend using microfiber steam mops for general cleaning so the dirt is lifted off the floor rather than being spread around. This will greatly help keep your tile looking good after we restore it.

Tile Cleaning
Tile Cleaning - Before
Grout Cleaning
Tile Cleaning - After
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